Curtain Warmer and Lobby Cards:

   Hey there everybody! Welcome to my new blog! Once upon a time (when I was a kid,) there was a publication called “After Dark” which was additionally subtitled “The Magazine Of Entertainment’. It covered theater, films and events dedicated to both mainstream and more ‘alternative’ tastes (this was the 70’s after all.) Although this publication was a little bit before my time, I have managed to come across several copies now and then, and it never ceases to impress me that what the writers and publishers were doing back then is the same kind of highly varied  coverage of numerous artistic, traditional, or down right eclectic presentations that I myself, have attempted to emulate throughout my career. It’s been said that the greatest journey begins with just one stp. Thanks for being there with me as I take mine. Here goes…

At Larry Edmunds Cinema Bookshop On Hollywood Blvd.

Honoring the "Love Goddess", Judy Tenuta


At the West Hollywood Bookfair purchasing Paul Provenza's awesome tome, "Satiristas!"

With Joanne Worley At The Magic Castle

When Leo Met Gavin

One thought on “Curtain Warmer and Lobby Cards:

  1. You are amazing, interesting, intriguing, amusing and so much more Jeff! Keep it going for us all as I will never get enough of your writing and now the world will enjoy it as well! Love to you my dear friend! Wendy


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